lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Hermanos en Jordania

En el Nombre de Allah,
el Misericordioso, el Compasivo



En la competencia internacional al-Faris de arquería a caballo, llevada a cabo en días pasados en Jordania.  Los murids presentes visitaron además algunos maqams en Jordania, y estuvo con ellos Shaykh Abdu-Salam, que conociera en vida a Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani (qs).

Imágenes de la presencia de nuestros hermanos en la capital del Rey Abdullah II, que Allah le dé largos años de vida y éxitos por Su Causa.

Con Shaykh Abdus-Salam

Príncipe Hashem, que ha dado reciente visita a Maulana

Maulana Shaykh Nazim y Su Alteza el Príncipe Hashem de Jordania, hermano del Rey.

* * *

Wa min Allahu Tawfiq.

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  1. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


    As salam alaikum. May Allah grant more honour and power to our King. And to his armies, for them to march on the path to estalish Justice and to give everyone his right. May Allah give to his banner the power to finish the tyranny upon the Ummah.

    Indeed it belongs to wisdom and to the Path of Islam, to protect the poor, weak and civilians from tyrants.

    Nuclear bombs are haram and to spread tyranny is haram. And Justice, as well, is a duty to the Caliph.

    But there seems to be an idea that, when it comes to positive comments about the current armies of His Highness our King, and supporting him and his armies, some would think that we need to wait until we can use swords and the end of current technology. I do not understand fully the comment made on what could be that sense.

    Does it imply to assert that Maulana is saying that the only acceptable jihad for military purposes is literally only with swords and so only after whole technology is finished, that is, after Imam Mahdi, even when now we are soon to have a Caliph who already has his army and weapons and has been blessed including his army by Maulana who expressly said that King Abdullah has his army that will take part in the Fath prior to Mahdi (as)?

    If that were the case, not only we would be forgetting such mention to the current army, but we should also take into account that Maulana has praised highly and countless times the Ottomans, and the ottoman Sultans in their conquers, and the biggest conquer they did for Islam, that of Istambul, was done with cannons, ships and technology at their disposal in that moment.

    The Ottoman Caliphate was also holding guns, pistols, navy, under a just leader and wali of Allah –as Maulana Shaykh has declared him- as bright as Sultan Abdulhamid Han II.

    The Ottomans also defeated the western powers in Canakkale, a war in which Shaykh Abdulah Daghestani (qs) also took part and a military campaign that has been praised by Maulana in Saltanat (look at how many dervishes took part there, or words to that effect, he wrote in Saltanat, when mentioning mevlevis).

    And Maulana has also called sometimes to the current leaders of Islam -prior to the termination of technology and even prior to the coming of a Caliph- to collectively used -as it was a duty out of Jusitice- their current armies to stop specific wrongdoings, such as when he said:

    «… Now, o people, you are hearing, that China is just attacking on Uighur country. Uighur, from the time of Shahaba they have accepted Islam, they are under heavy attack. But I am surprised that Arabs first of all, doesn’t look to do anything concerning Uighur? They are not Moslems? – Why ? – Why Turkey don’t send at least one Ultimatum, a Notice, a Warning from government to government, an Ultimatum! Why they are not sending! – Why Sa’ûdi not sending! – Why Egypt not sending! – Why Palestine not sending! – Why Sham not sending! – Why Iran never is speaking! – Where are Pakistan muslims? – Where are Indian muslims? – Where are Maghreb muslims? – In Afrika, where are they? – And they have huge powers. And they are looking and seeing that helpless people, muslims, were killed, hundreds and thousands were killed. No-one is speaking. – Stop this! Or I am comming! …»

    (July 20, 2009. Source:

    And we can also hear his words of wisdom and big majesty when he was warning the parties planning a military attack against muslims in Cyprus, to take care that “our people protecting themselves is obligatory” when referred to armies preparations. Such a Lion of Allah warns wrongdoers here:

  2. Maulana Shaykh Nazim, indeed, has clarified the relationship between the civil society and the army in this wonderful sohbet and he has warned the current leader of Turkey not to try to damage or weaken the army:

    This is a matter that under a Caliph may be practiced for the just and due reasons, the wisdom behind it has been clearly explained in Maulana’s sohbets in these two previous sohbets

    (explaining the sword of Islam:

    and last paragraphs of

    And it has nothing to do with the current craziness of tyranny and violence.
    Our hearts and our actions are indeed as far from that as it is possible.

    On the contrary, it is about, as Shaykh Maulana the biggest Lion explained also somewhere else ( about Falcons for Peace coming to protect the doves of peace:

    “Mankind has two personalities within him, one pulling to darkness, the other to light. This is the conflict of our physical and our spiritual beings. Whoever is able to control his physical desire through his spiritual power, can get harmony in himself. Without such a control there can be no harmony, and without harmony there can be no peace.

    If people do not establish their own individual peace, common peace is impossible. Everyone must find their own peace first. There are so many methods to reach that peace within ourselves, methods that have been used by the Holy Prophets and Holy People and which are all functioning until today. Whoever is interested in peace and in harmony, can follow any school within these methods, which have been passed from Heaven to earth.

    Doves are asking for peace, but falcons and eagles don't. So what can we do? Can we defend peace with doves? No! We must be realistic and not live in illusions. We must try to be brave and see realities. If you are not able to bring white falcons as defenders of peace, you cannot do anything. Peace and war must be supported by power. Without power you cannot fight and you cannot have peace. You are trying to get peace without using power.

    According to Heavenly Orders, we have been coded to establish peace on earth. We must try to establish a Divine Kingdom on earth by defeating evil and devils. As long as the doors of evil are open, it is difficult to reach peace, even individual peace. We need the peace within ourselves, but when we see something, it takes away the peace from our heart. When we hear something, it takes away the peace from our heart. So if we do not try to establish the Kingdom of Heavens, by destroying the Kingdom of satan there is not much hope, that we will get. You are asking for peace. Congratulations! You need power to do that.”

  3. And to this Maulana refers in general when he says:

    “They say that Islam was using the sword. Yes, we were ordered to use the sword against Shaitan and the Shaitanic groups who were against the truth. The followers of Shaitan have their ways and these ways are like the ways of dragons. We use the sword against dragons and not against everyone. No.

    Why is the Pope not blaming all these Christian nations and instead blaming Islam?
    These nations are today killing and burning and destroying everything, but still the Pope is silent about these things and is blaming Islam saying that it was spread by the sword.

    The Pope is simply not speaking the truth. Islam did use the sword to take away tyrants and shaitanic groups in order to prevent these groups from harming people. We used it for this purpose. Why are they not blaming Moses, as he was using the sword. Why do they not blame David who was both a king and a Prophet. Did he not use the sword? But they attack Islam. Islam is perfect.”.

    As for Shaykh Maulana’s comments comdemning the jihadists of today and the violence of anarchist people spreading false ideologies, they are too well known to quote them.

    As for his giant efforts for Peace in this world, they are very well known and no Noble Prize would be enough for it.

    May Allah bless the Lions of Islam and may we serve them for the sake of Allah. Salams.

  4. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

    Como se informa en un blog de la hermana de uno de los murids que acudieron a Jordania, hubo hermanos nuestros que después de este evento pudieron ver al Rey y ofrecer su Bayat, la que les fue aceptada.